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    When Pigs Fly Slot Demo + Info + Video Review

    When Pigs Fly Demo

    When it comes to enjoying the When Pigs Fly slot game, there is the option to enjoy a free play version of the game.

    The When Pigs Fly demo is actually a great way to get started when playing this slot online as you don’t have to worry about risking your own cash when playing it.

    Essentially, when playing a free version, you get to play the game exactly as you would if you were using your own money.

    However, instead, you are given virtual coins to use. This means that you can take a look at all the different features the game offers.

    All of the same bonus games are also available including the When Pigs Fly slot free spins.

    But, it’s important to note that while you can check out all the features to see how it all works, you won’t be able to actually have any real money wins.

    Everything is simply given in virtual currency and just gives you valuable experience instead of wins.

    Excitingly, there are a number of top online casinos that offer this game in demo mode.

    You can check out the top casino where you can play When Pigs Fly in demo mode below.

    When Pigs Fly Slot Info

    When Pigs Fly slot from NetEnt is a fun, cute take on pigs whilst riffing on the popular phrase that something is impossible.

    Released in 2016, this game has seen a lot of popularity thanks to the fun graphics and the different bonus features.

    The game has a slightly unusual setup, offering 5 reels and 5 rows which combine to bring you 3125 ways to win.

    When Pigs Fly Slot Game Screen

    The game also offers players a wide betting range so that all budget types can get spinning the reels.

    Part of the big fun though is the fact that there are two bonus features to activate and these include respins after a win.

    Also, there are the expanding reels that help to bring more and more ways to win into play.

    There are also When Pigs Fly free spins to be won in their own right too.

    Rounding out the features is the fact that this slot has a pretty incredible top win of 96,240x your stake up for grabs.

    And, the slot has a medium to high volatility level with an RTP of 97%, one of the higher RTPs out there.

    So, continue on with our When Pigs Fly slot review and see what else this has to offer!

    When Pigs Fly Slot Video Review

    The Best Websites to When Pigs Fly Slot

    If you are looking to play new online slots, then you also need to make sure you are playing the game at a good quality casino.

    Therefore, we offer you nothing but the best in terms of casino experience.

    So that you can enjoy When Pigs Fly slots in comfort, we have created a list of the best websites to play at. To do this, we look at a range of different features.

    First, we note whether the casino has a licence.

    In the UK, this needs to be with the UKGC in order for the casino to be legal and added to our list.

    On top of that, we also look at the security measures and protocols put in place by the casino to protect your gaming.

    We also look at a combination of other features such as the game selection, bonuses offered, payment methods provided, support, usability, and more.

    We also make sure that you can play When Pigs fly slot free and in real money mode.

    Take a look at our top casinos right here.

    4.8 rating
    100% Welcome Bonus Up to £200
    4.8 rating
    100% Welcome Bonus Up to £200
    5.0 rating
    100% Welcome Bonus Up to £200
    4.8 rating
    Choose Your Reward Right Here!

    When Pigs Fly Slot Graphics, Design and Theme

    This fun slot has really fun graphics in this rather unusual theme.

    As the name suggests, When Pigs Fly actually sees these pigs in the game get flying.

    In fact, they’re about to head off into space. What could be a little cheesy, is actually very cute.

    And part of that is thanks to the NetEnt design that creates graphics with a mix of 1950s style with a sort of futuristic vibe.

    Not only is the game a little quirky in design, but it’s got a fun soundtrack to go with it too.

    The soundtrack offers up a similarly futuristic feel and even gets faster and more upbeat when you draw near to triggering the free spins bonus.

    The reels themselves can expand too, and these sit on a simple dark blue sky background, with a rocket just waiting to set off into space.

    Excitingly for players, this slot is compatible with mobile devices, so you can play this on the go very easily.

    When Pigs Fly Slot  Screens on Mobile Desktop and Tablet

    None of the features, design, or functions are lost either.

    This means that you can enjoy a complete game when you play When Pigs Fly free play version.

    The final thing to do is choose the right When Pigs Fly casino to get playing at.

    How to Play When Pigs Fly Slot

    1. Choose your preferred casino

    2. Sign up and make an account

    3. Search for When Pigs Fly in the game library

    4. Set your bets from 50p to £100 per spin

    5. Hit spin and get playing

    When Pigs Fly Slot  Symbols and Payout

    10 3, 4 or 5 = 5, 10 or 50x stake
    J3, 4 or 5 = 5, 10 or 50x stake
    Q 3, 4 or 5 = 5, 10 or 50x stake
    K3, 4 or 5 = 5, 10 or 50x stake
    A3, 4 or 5 = 5, 10 or 50x stake
    Winged Helmet3, 4 or 5 = 10, 50 or 100x stake
    Green Sevens 3, 4 or 5 = 10, 60 or 150x stake
    Bar 3, 4 or 5 = 510, 75 or 200x stake
    Female Pig3, 4 or 5 = 10, 100 or 250x stake
    Male Pig3, 4 or 5 = 10, 150 or 500x stake
    When Pigs Fly Logo3, 4 or 5 = 10, 250 or 1000x stake

    When Pigs Fly Slot Bonuses

    When Pigs Fly has some really fun bonuses to enjoy and these are available in both the real money and When Pigs Fly free play versions.

    First, there’s a wild (the pink icon) which can help promote additional wins when it lands on the reels and replaces other symbols.

    However, it only lands on reels 2 to 5. But the big feature here is the response.

    These will trigger whenever you land a winning combination.

    Unlike other slots though, these respins increase the number of ways to win as you keep winning.

    Essentially, you start out with just 45 ways to win, but each win brings you more until you reach that top value of 3125. For each winning combination, you get a respin.

    But keep going, and more respins are unlocked with expanding reels to enjoy too.

    Finally, you can also activate free spins through numerous consecutive respins.

    Read on to find out how each respin can affect the reels:

    • One win gives 135 ways to win

    • Two wins give 405 ways to win

    • Three wins give 675 ways to win

    • Four wins give 1125 ways to win

    • Five wins give 1875 ways to win

    When Pigs Fly Slot Free Spins

    When it comes to free spins, When Pigs Fly does not disappoint.

    You can claim up to 8 free spins when you get spinning the reels.

    These spins can’t be retriggered during the game, but they can just be claimed again and again throughout the base game.

    Excitingly, when they come into effect, the free spins have the largest reels and this is where you can claim some of the really big wins from this slot.

    Indeed, it’s during the free spins that the max win of 962x can be claimed. During the free spins, the When Pigs Fly slot RTP remains high too so that you can expect to get some good returns.

    Better still, the free spins do trigger comparatively regularly, making this rather more unconventional game a hugely popular option even now.

    Read on to find out more about the free spins and what this bonus can bring to your gameplay when enjoying this slot.

    • Free spins: land six consecutive wins to activate 8 free spins

    • Expanding reels: with the free spins in play, you will have the fully expanded reels giving you 3125 ways to win

    • Five of a kind: with the full expansion of the reels, you can get the top wins

    When Pigs Fly Slot RTP

    If you decide to play When Pigs Fly slot online, then there are some things you need to consider and understand about the game.

    The first of these is slot RTP. RTP or return to player rate explains the size of potential wins you can expect over a period of play.

    The higher the RTP is, the better chance you have of winning your money back when you are playing the game.

    Importantly though, RTP is theoretical, which means you shouldn’t automatically assume it will always be true.

    Instead, you need to consider playing the game over a period of time.

    This is also because RTP is actually calculated over thousands of spins, so just spinning a couple of times won’t cut it.

    To put it in perspective, the When Pigs Fly RTP is set at 97%.

    This means that if you were to spend £100 over a period of time playing the game, you can expect to get £97 back at the end, losing just £3.

    But, there are other factors that can affect the RTP too, and these include activating the different bonus features.

    Doing so can increase or even decrease the RTP during those spins, which means you should always think long-term when playing.

    When Pigs Fly Slot RTP Volatility

    Another key aspect to think about when you play When Pigs Fly online UK is the volatility or variance of the game.

    This relates to the frequency and size of the wins you can get when playing a game.

    For instance, a low variance game will give you regular wins.

    However, these wins will usually be very small.

    This can be very helpful for players with small bankrolls that want to play for a long time.

    On the opposite end, there are high volatility games.

    These games are the ones that will award massive wins to players.

    However, the wins don’t hit very often which means you will have to go through long dry periods.

    This means that, generally, high variance games are better for players who have a bigger budget.

    This is because it can carry them through those no-win periods.

    A medium volatility game is the best of both.

    When Pigs Fly has medium volatility which means you can expect to get relatively regular wins, but they won’t happen on every spin.

    You’re also going to get a mix of both small and big wins and may even trigger the When Pigs Fly max win.

    A medium volatility game is great for all types of players, and is especially good for newcomers.

    When Pigs Fly Slot RTP Verdict

    In this When Pigs Fly review, we have looked at a range of different features that make this slot great.

    First, this slot has such a unique theme that it’s immediately entertaining.

    The strange theme and fun graphics are coupled with a bouncy soundtrack that enhances the action.

    But there’s more to this slot that makes it entertaining.

    For starters, there are some great bonus features here.

    The fact that you can get respins after a win is a great start.

    But, what makes this feature even better is the fact that the spins double up on the ways to win each time.

    Finally, on the fifth respin, you can claim free spins that will play at the maximum of 3125 ways to win thanks to those expanding reels.

    It’s also during these free spins that you can claim the When Pigs Fly slot max win of 962x your stake.

    The slot also has a high RTP of 97% and a medium volatility level which helps to bring those wins around relatively often.

    With all of this going on, it’s a great option for players to enjoy. And who knows, maybe the impossible is possible after all if these pigs can fly into space!

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    When Pigs Fly Slot Pros and Cons

    • Fun and quirky graphics
    • High RTP of 97%
    • Medium volatility level
    • Low maximum win
    • Low paying symbols
    • Not many bonus features
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