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Best Live Online Casinos

Are looking for a great wagering experience without leaving the comfort of your home? Online live casinos bring you exactly that.

A live online casino game is hosted by a real dealer, broadcast by gambling platforms in real-time. The online casino industry uses the latest technology and equipment to give the players a top-notch best live online casino experience.

While best best best live online casinos can be intimidating for new players, they can be one of the best opportunities to lean how to play casino games and earn money. You can warm up and play with live dealers before you visit a land-based casino for the first time. 

If you're someone who enjoys visiting offline casinos quite frequently but can't because of certain circumstances, live casinos are an excellent way to gamble online. The main goal is to have fun and enjoy sensibly.

Here we have tried to create a comprehensive guide that should help you to find the best live online casinos UK.

The Most Popular Live Casino Games in The U.K

As a player, you have the option to pick any of the best live online casino games. We are here to make it easy for you to pick the best live casino games to have a great time.

1. Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games. Blackjack as a game requires placing rationale and a strategic approach, more than having to deal with random luck. Also known as Twenty-One, it is known to one of the most simple and exciting matches among the best live online casino games.

Some say the game gained popularity among the soldiers as a recreational activity during World War I. Others stated that Blackjack originated from France during the 1960s. It was known as Vingt-et-Un, which is the French for twenty-one. This is a 52 card deck game, enjoyed by many even now.

While playing blackjack, you Have a pretty good chance of winning as the odds are mostly in your favor. You get odd of 99,0% while playing blackjack in best live online casinos UK, making it one of the most rewarding live casino games.

The game involves a dealer, which is the house in online live casino versions. Here the dealer handles all factors involved in the game. They shuffle and hand out the cards and bets. All of these are done by the dealers through the internet, while you and other players virtually sit at the table from different parts of the world.

Blackjack is very enjoyable and simple to master. Players can easily win with the application of a tad bit of strategy. There are a variety of options available for blackjack, especially when playing in best best best live online casinos UK.

If you are new to playing live casino games, no need to get stressed about playing this beloved game. It is mostly similar to every other version you have played before. Sometimes there are slight changes in the rules, however, you will be able to easily catch up to it by reading them before starting a game.

2. Slot Machines

Slot machines are arguably the most common casino game among the online gambling community. The vibrant colors and amazing sound effects of this game are loved by almost everyone. There is a reason behind the extreme demand for this game. Slots in online live casinos, seem to be as easy to play as brick-and-mortar casinos. If this is your first time, we suggest you try your luck at slot machines. 

You can either choose to play 3-reel, 5-reel, or multi-reel online slots in the online live casinos. Sit back and enjoy whenever the live dealer spins the reels and the symbols show up!  There is a strong probability that you can win by striking your lucky combo as the odd are ranging from 96,0%-99,0%.

It's a game of chance.  Each slot machine may be different when it comes to rules and odds offered. The basic principle is to spin the colorful reels to match symbols to land on the winning combination. Whoever lands the lucky combination on the payline wins!

To make it easier for you to understand, we are covering some basics. Let’s take a look, shall we?

A payline is a winning combination, a  predefined set of symbols or figures. There are slot machines numerous paylines in today's online live casinos.  for example.  If there are 3 paylines, that implies there are 3 winning combinations.

Wilds Symbols will appear randomly at any moment during your gameplay. This could be used as a substitute for some other symbol around it when it comes up.

Scatter symbols are also adding a great advantage to your match. They have two main functions, such as the granting of bonus spins and incentives.

However, you won't be able to substitute the wilds with scatters. Different slot machines have different wilds and scatter symbols. The appearance of these symbols will increase the probability of you winning. Now that you the fundamentals of slot machines, what are you waiting for? Just visit a live casino and have fun!

3. Jackpot Slot Games

You can play at slot machines or take the chance to win big by partaking in progressive jackpots at the best live online casinos UK. A progressive jackpot is mostly a massive prize. A huge amount of money is given to a randomly selected winner.

Being able to win a huge jackpot is quite alluring to many as the odds are 96,0%-99,0%, however finding the best progressive slot is also quite essential. pick a progressive jackpot that gives away large amounts of money like Mega Moolah or Devine Fortune.

Every time make sure you check the Return to Player Percentage (RTP) and the game variance before you start playing. A  higher RTP means the jackpot is giving back more to players. Valance, also known as volatility represents often you can win, if it's low you'll win more often. However, it's hard to win big prizes in low-volatility jackpots.

Jackpot games do not really require any planning, as it's remarkably simple in the best live online casinos. The outcomes are generated at random, offering everybody an equitable and realistic chance of winning. Playing jackpot games is incredibly easy, but very enjoyable. Keep your fingers crossed and let your live dealer spin the reels!

 4. Online Roulette

Live online Roulette is among one of the most common among the best live online casino games reportedly. A live dealer is going to spin the roulette wheel for you. You'll be seeing all the rotations and listen to all the sounds made by the wheel. Online roulette offers you the odds of 97,3% – 98,65%.

It's also a game of luck that's simple to follow. It's been around since the early stages of gambling. The roulette board contains 37 or 38 numbers and variations of bets that you can make.  You've got to bet on where the ball is going to land. According to that, your live dealer will spin the wheels. If your prediction is correct, you will be the victor.

Play Online Casino Games for Free

In the last few decades, there has been a huge influx in the number of online casino users.

So, what are the best live online casinos UK?

Think of a gambling venue, but everything is done online, meaning from your home. All you have to do is visit a gambling website or download an app or software. Anyone who wants to play free casino games is welcomed to browse through the different sites and look for free games.

A lot of websites promote demo games for users to try. A demo game is basically free online gaming that helps players test different variations of the games. It also lets players test various strategies to use in the games played with real money.

Therefore, before fully delving into the gambling industry, we recommend trying different free games, from the classic 3-slot reel to even video poker. Test the demo versions of the games you want to play before you invest your resources.

The Most Commonly Played Online Slots 

Slot games in online casinos are just like the slot machines in gambling facilities. Almost all casino slots are now available online because of top-notch game developers.

Types of online slots

Different types of slots will be available in every online casino. As it is a very simple game you do not need any special skills. Just visit a trustworthy gambling website and start playing!

Classic 3 Reels Slot

This type is the nearest thing to a physical slot machine. It has three reels on the screen, with several fruits as icons. Usually, this slot machine has one payline. That being said, some of the online slot machines happen to have 3 to 5 paylines. It is easier to win in this classic version because of fewer reels and combinations.

 5 Reels Slot

This online slot is very similar to that of the 3 reeled. An exception to the 3 reels is that there are 5 reels instead. Some 5 reels slot will have wilds and scatters symbols added. You're going to have a little tougher time hitting your winning combo in this slot.

Video Slots

Video slots have multiple reels with different features added. They can have colorful animations colorful and fun themes. They often have numerous paylines and these slots are most popular among online casino players.

Best Live Online Casinos

How Play Online Slots

The very first thing you have to do is evaluate your paytable. The paytable is going to have all the vital information you want. This table may look annoying at first, but it's fairly simple to understand. It's going to tell you more about paylines, the wilds and the scatter and the compensation amount.

Before you start wagering, you need to look at the rules. While gambling on an online slot, you should use a slot with a higher number of paylines because that increases the number of winning combinations.

Casinos also offer free spins and other lucrative welcome bonuses to lure in clients to play their slots. We are here to make it easy for you to find the best online slot machines!

Bonanza Slot

Created by Big Time Gaming, in association with Megaways, Bonanza slot has 6 reels with various rows. There are about a hundred thousand ways to win on each spin.

Free spins with unlimited increasing multiplier is rewarded by the bonus game. The game also has a Return to Player (RTP) of 96% which is one of the highest RPTs in the industry.

Fishin’ Frenzy

Fishin’ Frenzy is a novelty-themed slot machine. Designed by Reel Time Gaming, the game has 5 reels with 3 rows. There are about 25 fixed paylines for you to win from.

The bonuses comprise free spins and even cash prizes. With a little patience, anyone can surely reel in a big haul by landing on the fisherman symbol.

Eye of the Horus

Developed by Blueprint Gaming and Merkur Gaming, Eye of Horus is an Ancient Egypt-themed slot game. Anyone who lands on the 3, 4, or 5 symbols anywhere in screen wins a free-spins round. In this bonus round, the lower paying symbols are replaced by upgrades ones to win bigger numbers.

Monopoly Megaways

Monopoly Megaways is another of Big Time Gaming’s creations. The developers used Hasbro’s Monopoly brand and just like their aforementioned game, this too has 6 reels with various rows. As a result, this too has thousands of paylines to win from. Players are awarded Megaways spins and other free games.

King Kong Cash

King Kong Cash is another great online slot launched by Blueprint Gaming. Most of Blueprint Gaming’s slots are based on particular themes, as its King Kong Cash.

Revolving around Donkey Kong, the game is spontaneous as random features are unlocked throughout the base game. There are 5 different rounds and players can try improving the features they were rewarded with.

Dog House Slot

Developed by Pragmatic Play, Dog House Slot, as the name gives away, is a game featuring dogs. There are 4 dogs in the game for you to tag along with, and you can win a juicy bone that can be worth up to 6750 times your stake. 

Live Dealer Games

A live casino is an online casino room that is hosted by a real-life dealer. Live casinos give you the vibe and ambiance of visiting an actual gambling establishment, without actually dressing up for it. This means, there is no limit to how much you can smoke, nor to what attire you have to wear. All you need to have is a smartphone or computer with a stable internet connection and can join the table any time you want.

While placing a bet, gamblers can communicate with the live dealers, via chat or call. In many cases, gamblers have access to the whole room, and see what other players are doing, with the help of cameras.

The game is streamed in real-time from the casino table. This enables players to ask questions if necessary and are thus, guided by the live host. As you call the shots, the host makes the moves for you. The other players participating are also real players. This real-time gaming experience makes the game very unpredictable.

Anyone looking for a gambling experience ought to try a live dealer room at least once. This is as close to an authentic experience anyone will get from the comfort of their homes. Just look for the ones with a low House Edge.

Almost all casino table games have live dealer rooms, but some of the most popular casino games are as follows-


The interaction with a live dealer from anywhere in the world is what differentiates a live casino Roulette and an online roulette.

The live dealer allocates time for players to place their bets. During this time the table is cleared and the ball is set to spin. What excites gamblers is the adrenaline rush as they have to make their bets in a very narrow window of time. Afterward, the dealer flicks the ball and spins the wheel. Just when the ball stops spinning, the dealer calls for the betting to stop. If the ball lands on the elements you bet on, you win. Hallelujah!


Just like any other live game, you place your bets online. The live dealer deals two cards to all the participants. If you are satisfied with the cards dealt, you stand. If not, you can ask for a hit. You know how the game works! If not, do look up some of the best live casino Blackjack available to learn more.

Players can also opt for a double down or even go for a split. All the features of a traditional Blackjack game are available in the live dealer room. You can wish to surrender if you feel luck isn’t favoring you. So, you have nothing to miss out on, game-wise.

The Difference Between Dealers and Croupiers

Since the meanings of both terms are the same, they are often interchanged. However, a live dealer is more like a banker in an online casino and is used in card games. They are called dealers because their job is to distribute cards to players.

The dealers represent the house and all the dealer’s real money profit flows back into the casino’s banking system. Indirectly, the dealer acts as an opponent to all players. Hence, the lower the House Edge, the more the player’s profit.

In contrast, the croupier’s work is very different. This person is a supervisory authority and accepts bets and moderates the game. The croupier is responsible for releasing the ball and is usually found in games like roulettes. The croupier is pretty much the master of ceremonies

Top Real Money Online Casinos

Real money online casinos are online casinos that offer you the opportunity to earn real money. Modeled after the brick-and-mortar machines, these casinos are for gamblers at home. With a range of games at their selections, gamblers can play real money slot games and earn real money.

While playing at online casinos, gamblers should be very careful about the casino they choose to settle with. Gamblers should take into consideration the offers the online casino provides and its House Edge, meaning, how much profit it keeps from a player. Players should also look up whether a casino is licensed or not before they play online with real money. The range of games is also worth looking at, as well as the banking methods and withdrawal policy.

We think you should carefully read the terms and conditions of the following factors to have a smooth and hassle-free gambling experience.

Wagering Requirement

It's among the most notable conditions throughout every online casino. Various casinos have various needs for wagering. Each gamer has a wager of a certain amount of money to be qualified for the withdrawal of bonus layouts.

For example, the casino has a 20x wagering requirement and you have £50 in bonus credit, you must wager £10 x 50 = £500 before you can get your hands on the £50. some casinos even have no wager bonus payments. however, it adds great advantage, although it's relatively uncommon. Users should always make the most of it.

There are sometimes special games that you can play to meet a specific wagering requirement. In fact, to understand all of these, it is crucial to go through the terms of service.


Bonuses allow you to maximize the earnings of from your online casino. However, unless are a newly registered player, you cannot make use of the welcome bonus incentives.

Some bonus payments are constrained to certain online casino games, while some show up with other types of limitations. then There are one-time bonuses that you can use only once.  There is often a necessary duration of time you have to play before you can utilize your bonus.

The internet gambling sector is extremely competitive. Corporations are counting these welcome bonuses as part of the promotional costs. This incentive for you to sign up for their official site is not a massive issue for them.  It is a winning scenario for you and the organization.


Casinos place withdrawal and betting limits too, which can be a disadvantage if you're attempting to win big. Although most of the time conditions are extremely similar among the online casinos, there are subtle differences. You want to be vigilant while reading the pre-requisites so that you will not face any problems in the future.


You may also want to start accumulating all your earnings and retract them later.   However, together with the limits, validity seems to be another factor that you need to take into consideration.

Bonuses and transactions come with a specified time limit in most instances. It could be days or weeks. If you're not careful enough, you might probably lose all of your winnings by surpassing the deadline.

VIP Programs

VIP or loyalty programs will make you feel like an important member of the online casino. Many casinos provide frequent promotional offers like daily spins and weekly bonuses to keep their current players engaged.

The casino should also have a very efficient customer service team to help you in particular circumstances you face any difficulties.

Jungle Spins Casino

Jungle Spins casino has a great welcome bonus for its users. They also incorporate games from various developers such asCore Gaming, Konami, Net Entertainment, Microgaming and a lot more. Licensed by the UK Gambling Commission and the Government of Gibraltar, this online casino is secured and ensures fair play. Winnings are subjected to a wagering requirement and the withdrawals have a daily and a monthly limit. The casino also has various banking methods making it convenient for users.

Lucky Tap Casino

Lucky Tap casino is another online casino that has a range of games from different developers (IGT, Aristocrat, etc.) stacked up gambling websites. Apart from the great welcome bonus, this online casino always grants promotional packages to the audience, often full of free spins. Lucky Tap Casino is also approved by the same two licensing companies and offers a tremendous gambling experience. 

Casino Licenses and Regulations

Casinos based in the UK usually have to be licensed by two organizations. The first is the United Kingdom Gambling Commission which is considered to be one of the most reputable regulators out there. The other is the Gibraltar Gaming Commission which is another reputable online gaming regulator. Hence, online casinos are legal in the UK.

A gambling license is given by a regulatory body that ensures the online casino is qualified to operate. A valid casino license guarantees that the casino withholds high standards and ensures your safety.

You should only play in a regulated casino because these casinos had been approved by the higher authority. This means you will be able to have fair gameplay, where safety and security are assured.

To get an online casino license from the UK gambling commission, a gambling operator has to send a pre-released version of the game. Which is later judged upon the quality of the performance and whether it follows strict Random Number Generation (RNG).

The best live online casinos UK also has to take part in annual game testing audits and annual information security audits.UK players can get multiple gaming licenses. These include casinos, Lotteries, Betting, Bingo, Arcades, gaming machines and Gambling software licenses.

The Most Popular Casino Games Providers

Good casino game providers will give you games that have seamless and pleasurable gameplay.  Casinos focus on having games from the best manufactures as providing the users with a smooth and efficient game will strengthen player retention.

Many credible game providers are making superior quality online casino games. These games have amazing visual effects with great design. You will experience uninterrupted game flow. The interactive features and special effects in these games will get you hooked for sure!

All of these online casino game providers are under strict observation of the UK Gambling Commission. They have to go through vigorous testing to make sure that they comply with the industry standards.

The games made by these manufacturers have to operate on random number generation so that all of the outcomes are fair. Every player gets an equal chance of winning while playing these casino games. They also ensure security from your data breach and the privacy of your financial transactions.

To play online, we suggest you look for games made by some of the most credible game providers out there. We have a brief introduction to these companies so that you can decide on which games to choose from.


Founded in 1999, Playtech has been one of the leading game providers of online casino games. The company makes more than 600 casino games that can be played using multiple devices. Dessert time, Cinerama, Age of The Gods, Top Gun are a few of their most famous slot games. 

Holding almost 140 global licenses, this game manufacturing company provides high-quality live casino games. Hosted by competent and friendly live dealers, the live casinos simulate real-life interaction very closely.


NetEnt has been around since 1996, achieving great success in making casino games  This Swedish Corporation has focused on innovative technology and advancement. NetEnt makes all sorts of games a gambler can imagine, from video slots to live online casino games.

All the NetEnt games are known for their strong graphic design and interactive gameplay. The most famous slot games made by this company are Starburst and Gonzo’s Quest. These video slots have stood the test of time and have achieved cult classic status.


Pioneering the gambling software industry in 1994, Microgaming is held highly regarded in this industry. This company introduced mobile gambling in early 2004, proving how ahead of time they were.

One of the most popular jackpot slots, Mega Moolah was created by Microgaming. This progressive slot has given away a record amount of jackpot rewards in the past. Microgaming is also well known for movie and series-themed slots like Terminator 2 and Game of Thrones.


This highly innovative company has become one of the gambling industry’s powerhouses in modern days. This company’s journey started way back in 1953, with none other than the slot machine!

Currently, they offer many top-quality casino games. Queen of the Nile, Dragon Emperor, Ware wolf and Miss Kitty are a few of their most popular online casino games. Recently, Aristocrat Gaming started offering live casino games and desires to become a top player in this sector.


WMS joined the gambling market almost 80 years. This company makes high-definition games that are loved by gamblers all over the world. WMS not only manufactures but also licenses and leases casino games for other companies as well.

The company introduced their first-ever Reel'em In slot, back in 1996. This was an instant hit.  Road to Riches, Galactic Payback, Gold Fish and John Wayne are a few of their most popular online games. WMS doesn’t cater to the live casino audience yet, but they are looking forward to joining soon.


IGT gaming started its journey in 1975 and till now, it has provided players with an outstanding gaming experience. This company has the experience of offering casino games to the physical gambling establishment. Formerly known as International Game Technology, IGT produces a few of the most dynamic online casino games.

You can play all of their games from whatever platform you want. Kitty Glitter, Family Guy and Wheel of Fortune are their most coveted slots. while they have many different kinds of games of stakes up their sleeves, they do not offer live dealer games at the moment.

Play and Go

Play and Go was founded in 1997 and started becoming quite successful since 2004. They offer more than 50 amazing casino games that can be played using all kinds of devices. The company also offers instant play features with different widgets.

This Swedish company is behind many fan-favourite online casino games. They are mostly known for their blackjack and poker variants. Games like Casino Stud Poker, Video Poker, Pai Gow Poker, Blackjack and baccarat are quite popular.

Mobile Casino Games and Casino Game Apps

Most of the online casinos do not have proper mobile apps. However, they make sure that their website is supported on mobile devices as well. There are few reasons as to why they do this. They must make sure that the customers can play even when they are far from their personal computers.

Online casino games have come a long way over the last decade. While most online casinos let you play through just a browser on your desktop, some of them offer sophisticated mobile applications. You can enjoy online gambling from anywhere your smartphone or tablet.

A good casino app should offer a wide array of games, with easy navigation. It should not take much space on your phone’s memory when downloaded and installed. You can also check out different reviews in the app or play store to know if the online casino app is good.

We believe It is very important for a casino online to provide their games also in a mobile version. While many casinos don’t have a downloadable app, all of them are offering cross-platform operating services where you can play the games without downloading.