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Up to £200 CASHBACK! Additional bonuses.
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    Jumanji Slot Info, Video and Customer Review + Demo Play

    Jumanji Slot Video Review

    Jumaji Slot Info

    Jumanji from NetEnt is an exciting game based on a movie of the same name. Released back in 2018, this game has remained popular even if its target audience was fans of the film.

    In fact, it’s helpful if you have seen the film, the original 1995 version that is, as the game is entirely set up to look like that board game.

    What makes this slot even more entertaining though, is the fact that it offers up a whopping 9 different bonus features across a relatively straightforward 5 reel, 36 payline setup.

    The myriad bonus features include things like wilds, sticky symbols, a mystery feature, four free spins games, and a whole lot more.

    Despite all this, the game only has a top win of 504x your stake up for grabs, but this is still a great option to go for.

    The slot has a decent RTP of 96.33% and a relatively low volatility level in place.

    Jumanji Slot Game Game Screen

    Excitingly, you can also enjoy the Jumanji slot free play version, which is a great way to check out the game and get to grips with all it offers.

    Read on to find out all about this exciting slot game and get ready to play it.

    Jumaji Slot Customer Review

    Jumanji Slot Free-to-Play Demo

    Playing the Jumanji slot game online is made a lot easier by the fact that there is a demo mode available.

    Demo modes or free-play versions of slot games are a great way to test out a game before you jump in and invest your own money.

    These games offer up the exact same gameplay as the real money version does. However, instead of using your own money, you will simply be given virtual currency to use instead.

    What this means is you are able to change the bet limits quickly and easily and see how this affects the gameplay and any potential wins.

    On top of that, free play versions will also have the exact same features and functions as the real money version as well.

    This means that you can see how all of these features work too.

    Of course, playing a free version means you won't win any real money, but you will have gained invaluable experience of the game itself which will help when you transition to the real money version.

    To help you out, we've got a top list of all the best casinos that offer both the real money and demo version of the Jumanji slot.

    The Best Websites to Play Jumanji Slot

    Not only is it important to check out the features, such as the Jumanji slot RTP, but it's also very important to choose the right place to play this game.

    There are many online casinos out there, but not all of them are great to play at. To help you out, we take the time to research, review and rate the top online casinos out there.

    To do this, we look at a number of key criteria and recommend the casinos accordingly.

    The first thing we check is the licensing. In the UK, this is very strict and casinos within the country must hold a licence from the UKGC in order to be legal.

    Following that, we take a look at the security protocols in place, ensuring the casino protects your data.

    Other important criteria to consider when choosing where to play Jumanji slot online include the game selection, the bonuses available to players, the payment options, mobile compatibility and optimization, and customer support.

    At the end of all this, we have compiled a selection of top online casinos available that you can find listed right here.

    4.8 rating
    100% Welcome Bonus Up to £200
    4.8 rating
    100% Welcome Bonus Up to £200
    5.0 rating
    100% Welcome Bonus Up to £200
    4.8 rating
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    Jumanji Slot Graphics, Design and Theme

    It comes as no surprise to find that this game is designed to correspond very closely to the original movie and the board game within it.

    As everyone knows, Jumanji is the name of a board game that turns out to be supernatural in nature.

    It both sucks its players into the jungle and spits out animals and other characters into the real world as well.

    Unsurprisingly, the slot looks absolutely amazing. The reels sit on a jungle backdrop with a lot of detail.

    Better yet, when you play the Jumanji slot online, you'll find that a number of the bonus features are elements taken from the game.

    For instance, you can pick your playing piece and even get to move around the snake-like board just as the characters do in the film.

    The game also comes with a strong soundtrack that takes its cues from the film as well as providing a number of sound effects.

    In short, it really does help to bring the player right into the game.

    The slot is also fully mobile compatible, which means that it is fully scalable across a range of devices.

    So, you can play on the way to work and see if you can score the Jumanji slot max win on the go.

    How to Play Jumanji Slot

    1. Choose a casino to play at.

    2. Create an account.

    3. Make your first deposit.

    4. Search for Jumanji in the game selection.

    5. Set your bet size.

    6. Click spin and start playing

    Jumanji Slot Symbols and Payout

    Symbol Payout
    J3, 4 or 5 = 2, 3 or 7x stake
    Q3, 4 or 5 = 2, 3 or 8x stake
    K3, 4 or 5 = 2, 4 or 9x stake
    A3, 4 or 5 = 2, 4 or 10x stake
    Lion3, 4 or 5 = 6, 20 or 140x stake
    Crocodile3, 4 or 5 = 4, 10 or 30x stake
    Rhino3, 4 or 5 = 5, 15 or 50x stake
    Lion3, 4 or 5 = 6, 20 or 140x stake

    Jumanji Slot Bonuses

    There are an impressive 9 different bonus features in Jumanji. Four of these are random features, and then there is the board game section that features the Jumanji slot free spins.

    On top of that, there is a mystery bonus as well as a wild symbol that replaces other symbols on the reels to get you more wins.

    Additionally, there's also a scatter and this is what helps to trigger the free spins. The four random features are activated in the base game.

    These have a number of different options and include the option to get respins, wild reels, shuffling of symbols, and tons of wilds added to the reels.

    With all this and more, you can expect to get a lot of extra chances at scoring a win.

    The Mystery Feature can also trigger at random throughout the game and offers up to one of five different options at random. So, read on to find out more about them all.

    Sticky Vines

    Jumanji Slot Vines Bonus

    Is a streak respin where symbols that form a winning combo stick to the reels, while the other symbols respin. It continues until no more winning combos form.

    Monsoon Wild

    Jumanji Slot Wild Monsoon Bonus

    One or two reels become wild.

    Monkey Mayhem

    Jumanji Slot Monkey Bonus

    All symbols shuffle at random to guarantee a winning combo.

    Wild Stampede

    Jumanji Slot Wild Stampede Bonus

    Rhinos cross the reels when the reels are spinning and land from 4 to 9 wilds when they do.

    Mystery Feature

    Jumanji Slot Wild Mystery Spin Bonus

    Offers extras such as free spins, cash prizes up to 10x, 2 extra dice rolls, coin wins, or extra dice rolls.

    Jumanji Slot Free Spins

    Jumanji Slot Free Spins Big Win

    Free spins are one of the best extra features found in slot games. In the Jumanji online slot, there are four different free spins features in action.

    Each of these adds something a bit different to the reels too, making this more exciting. This all takes place on the board game part of the slot.

    This game is triggered when three or more scatters land during a spin in the base game.

    Then, you're taken to a new board game screen where you need to roll two six-sided dice, which move your playing piece along the board in the same way it does in the film.

    Depending on the number of scatters you landed, you get different numbers of dice rolls so 3 gives you 6 rolls, while 5 scatters gives 8.

    This then takes you to one of the four free spins features as well as the Mystery Feature.

    Each of the spin features is in a different corner of the board and when your character lands on one of these, you get that feature.

    • Vines Free Spins — awards 10 free spins with respins after a win. Vines grab onto wilds too and keep them in position on the reels for the duration of the spins.

    • Monsoon Free Spins — awards 7 free spins with one or two wild reels on each spin.

    • Monkey Free Spins — awards 6 free spins and randomly shuffles the symbols for guaranteed wins on each spin.

    • Stampede Free Spins — awards 5 free spins and 4 to 9 wilds added as extras on each spin.

    Jumanji Slot RTP

    When you get ready to play Jumanji slot online UK, you need to be aware of a few features that help to make your gaming experience better.

    One of these is to consider and understand RTP. The RTP or return to player rate is the amount you can expect to get back over an extended period of play.

    Listed as a percentage, the higher this is, the better your chances of getting a win actually are. However, it is important to note that RTP is entirely theoretical.

    And, it has been calculated over thousands of spins. This means that even if a slot lists a good RTP, you cannot expect to reach that RTP over just a few spins.

    In addition to this, you will need to play the slot a number of times before the spins will balance out to give you the RTP.

    Also, the RTP will change and fluctuate depending on the bonuses that are in action. In short, it's important to understand but is not a guarantee of a win.

    When it comes to the Jumanji game, there's a 96.33% RTP in place. This means that if you spend £100 over a period of time, you can expect to get £96.33 back.

    Not a bad RPT at all, for a more detailed explanation on slot RTP you can read our ultimate guide to the best payout slots.

    Jumanji Slot Volatility

    Another feature we cover in our Jumanji slot review is the volatility level of the game. Volatility or variance indicates the frequency and size of the wins you can expect to get when playing the slot.

    Depending on your budget and style of playing, different volatility levels will be preferred by different players.

    But it's important to understand what they all mean. To start with, Jumanji has a low volatility level.

    This means that you can expect to get very regular wins when you play. However, these wins are not going to be big ones.

    Instead, these will be small, but this is great for keeping a bankroll ticking over especially if you're on a budget.

    At the opposite end of the scale are high volatility games that offer massive wins to players.

    But, these massive wins don't come around that often, so players will have to go through dry periods with no wins.

    As such, it's important to practice good bankroll management in order to be able to remain spinning the reels to hit those wins.

    Medium volatility games sit somewhere in the middle, with a mix of small and big wins coming at regular intervals.

    Depending on your preference, any of these variance levels is great.

    Jumanji Slot Verdict

    Jumanji slot is a hugely successful slot game that comes directly from the 1995 film of the same name.

    Utilizing all the best game features and drama that occurs in the film, the slot has done incredibly well to recreate this thrilling film in the form of a game.

    The relatively simple setup is surpassed by the huge number of bonus features that are involved.

    For those who are fans of the film, there are a lot of recognizable film moments here, and these are all turned into exciting bonus features.

    The fact that there are 9 bonus features means that the action keeps on coming. Additionally, with the low volatility offered by this game, those wins just keep on coming too.

    However, they are relatively small and even the top win is a rather disappointing 504x your stake.

    That being said, the game offers non-stop action that's perfect for players on a budget or just starting out.

    Additionally, you can play the Jumanji slot demo version first to get to grips with all these bonus features before settling in to give this slot a go.

    Really exciting for film fans, it's still a great option and one of the best online slots on the web for those that have never seen the film simply due to the exciting features and win potential.

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    Pros and Cons of Jumanji Slot

    • Low volatility
    • High RTP
    • Fun theme based on the popular 1995 film
    • Low max win
    • Aimed at fans of the film
    • Can be complex to get to grips with
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