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    Ted Slot Info, Video and Customer Review + Demo Play

    Ted Slot Video Review

    Ted Slot Info

    Ted slot was developed by Blueprint Gaming back in 2017. The Ted game came off the back of the hugely popular film of the same name from 2012.

    A surprise hit, the film featured a filthy-mouthed teddy bear that ended up living with a human family.

    Ted Chacater Next to A toilet

    And now, it’s been transformed into an entertaining 5 reel, 20 payline slot.

    Not only does this game bring in a number of the characters, but it also keeps the rather more crude aspects as well.

    In terms of the gameplay, you’re not going to be disappointed here as there are 11 different bonuses on offer.

    These are due to the different modifiers and bonus features that can be triggered throughout the game.

    Excitingly, some of these features include wilds, symbol shuffles, added symbols, colossal symbols, free spins, a wheel of fortune, and a whole lot more.

    The game comes with a decent, if slightly low, RTP of 95.805% and a top win of 500x your stake.

    Despite having a slightly lower win potential when compared to other games, this slot offers up a ton of fun across all areas and makes this a game worth playing.

    Read on to find out all about this entertaining online slot game.

    Ted Slot Customer Review

    Ted Slot Free-to-Play Demo

    When you choose to play Ted slot it's important to note that it can be played in free mode as well as the real money version.

    Free play or demo versions of slots are a great way to get to grips with the workings of a slot without having to put your own money in.

    Better yet, these demo games will actually offer the same gameplay as the real money version, so you can really get some strategies in place before taking the plunge.

    For instance, when you play Ted in demo mode, you get the same Ted slot RTP, the same extra features, and the same range of betting options.

    Instead of using your own funds though, the free version provides you with virtual coins that you can then use to place your bets and spin the reels.

    With this virtual cash, you can change your bets up and down to see the win sizes you can expect when playing this game.

    Excitingly, we have come up with a complete list of the best websites for you to play Ted in both real money and demo mode.

    So, once you've got to grips with it, you can simply switch to using your own cash all in one place.

    The Best Websites to Play Ted Slot

    If you choose to play Ted slot online hoping to grab that Ted slot max win, the first thing you need to consider is where to actually play.

    There are hundreds of websites out there, but not all of them are great.

    Knowing which one to choose and where to play is an important part of enjoying yourself when playing online.

    And that's where we come in.

    We take the time to look through all the different online casinos out there, looking at all their different features and functions to ensure they meet our standards.

    For instance, we first take a look to see if the casino is licensed with the UKGC — a necessity for all casinos located within the UK.

    After that, we look at the security protocols set out by the casino to ensure that your data is protected.

    We also make sure that we look at the game selection, bonuses offered, methods of payment provided, and if there is convenient, efficient customer support in place.

    Once we have checked all this, we then recommend the top online casinos, and you can find our top list right here.

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    4.8 rating
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    4.8 rating
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    Ted Slot Graphics, Design and Theme

    The Ted slot is based on an unexpectedly popular film of the same name.

    The film centers on a boy who gets given a teddy bear, Ted, who then comes to life and becomes the boy's best friend.

    The only problem — is Ted is not as cute and cuddly as everyone expects but rather a foul-mouthed bear instead.

    In fact, he leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to being a friend and is often lounging about drinking and smoking.

    When you play Ted online UK, you'll see that the designers went with this theme too! The reels of the slot sit on a living room background.

    Ted Slot Game Screen

    The sofa is covered with old beer bottles and Ted himself is sleeping off a hangover.

    To add to the crude ambience from the film, as you play you'll hear snide comments from Ted as well as a rather jazzy soundtrack.

    If you find the comments from Ted a bit much, you can simply switch them off in the settings, but they do help to recreate the film's vibe.

    The game is also optimised for play across a range of devices so that you can enjoy this on the go as well.

    Read on to discover more about the Ted slot free spin bonuses and the other features found here.

    How to Play Ted Slot

    1. Choose a casino and make an account

    2. Find the slot game Ted in the games' library

    3. Set your bets from 20p to £200 per spin

    4. Hit spin and get playing

    Ted Slot Symbols and Payout

    J3, 4 or 5 = 4, 10 or 50x stake
    Q3, 4 or 5 = 4, 10 or 50x stake
    K3, 4 or 5 = 8, 40 or 100x stake
    A3, 4 or 5 = 8, 40 or 100x stake
    Bong3, 4 or 5 = 10, 60 or 200x stake
    Crate or Beer3, 4 or 5 = 10, 60 or 200x stake
    Goose 3, 4 or 5 = 20, 80 or 300x stake
    Tami-Lynn3, 4 or 5 = 20, 80 or 300x stake
    Ted2, 3, 4 or 5 = 2, 40, 100 or 500x stake
    Ted Wild2, 3, 4 or 5 = 2, 40, 100 or 500x stake

    Ted Slot Bonuses

    When it comes to bonuses, Ted has them all. In fact, this Blueprint Gaming slot has a veritable feast of bonuses just waiting for you to enjoy.

    There are 11 different features and these are made up of 6 modifiers that get triggered at random as well as 5 actual bonus features that need to get triggered through the various different symbols.

    On top of that, there's a wild, represented by Ted himself. This Ted wild can replace the other symbols on the reels to get you those winning combinations, with the exception of the scatter.

    There's also a Thunder Bonus symbol and this is the scatter that is used to activate some of the many features that this game offers.

    In order to get the bonus modifiers, these can occur on any spin.

    After the spin, any of these six features can come into play, so read on to find out all about them and make the most of them within the game.

    Laser Gun Wilds

    Ted Slot Laser Guns Wilds Bonus

    The sleeping Ted wakes up and fires a laser at the reels mid-spin. Any symbols that get hit turn wild.

    Psychedelic Super Spin

    Ted Slot Psychedelic Super Spin  Bonus

    The bong covers the reels in smoke and extra Ted icons are added. When the smoke clears, the Teds transform into the same symbol.

    Beer Streak

    Ted Slot Beer Streak Bonus

    Beer sprays onto the reels, which then shuffle the symbols to form winning combinations.

    Psychedelic Colossal Spin

    Ted Slot Psychedelic Colossal Spin Bonus

    Bong smoke covers the reels and then, when the smoke clears, 3 reels merge to make a colossal 3x3 icon.

    TV Remote Symbol Streak

    After a win, Ted plays with the remote and activates a streak respin based on the previous win.

    Psychedelic Bonus Boost

    More bonus icons are added to increase the chance of winning the bonus features.

    Ted Slot Free Spins

    After the modifiers, there are also a number of actual bonus features available in this game as well.

    Unlike the modifiers though, these are not triggered randomly after each spin. Instead, to get these features, you need to keep an eye out for the Thunder Buddies bonus icon.

    In fact, you need to land at least three of these on a single spin to activate the bonus features. When you do, you will get the features ladder.

    The bonus you get then depends on where the pointer lands on the bonus ladder. The higher up the ladder, the better the bonus features tend to be.

    There are five different options here and these include various free spins, multipliers, wilds, and more.

    All of these are there to help you get some bigger wins and add to the fun of this slot. So, read on to find out all about each of the different bonuses you can claim in this exciting slot.

    Wheel of Fortune

    Ted Slot wheell of fortune free spins

    Spin the wheel for multipliers. If the pointer hits an arrow you get taken to the inner wheel that has bigger rewards.

    Hit the middle wheel, and you go to the Big Money Bonus feature.

    Bar Crawl

    Ted Slot Bar crawl free spins

    Move along the board and collect prizes. Collect 5 Big Money counters, and you get that feature.

    Super Mart Free Spins

    Ted Slot Super Mart Free Spins

    Five free spins are awarded as well as extra wilds.

    Ted Free Spins

    Free spins play on a 5×4 grid and a meter with more free spins and wilds comes into play.

    When you stop the flash on the meter, where it lands is the prize you claim.

    Big Money

    Ted Slot Big Money  Free Spins

    Keep looking for Ted on the central carousel, which has multipliers and sale signs.

    Each spin you receive a multiplier. A sale sign gives a respin. It's here that the top 500x prize can be claimed.

    50/50 Gamble

    If you don't like the bonus feature you get, you can use this feature to try again and see if you can get a better one.

    If you lose the flip though, you return to the base game with no feature enabled.

    Ted Slot RTP

    In this Ted slot review, we are going to look at all the features that can have an impact on the game.

    One of these is RTP or return to player rate. RTP indicates the risk you are taking when playing the slot.

    Essentially, the RTP is the amount of money you can expect to get back after a bout of playing on a particular slot.

    However, RTP is calculated by the game provider over thousands and thousands of spins.

    This means that you can't just play a few rounds and then expect the RTP to be as high as the listed number.

    Instead, you do have to make sure that you are spinning a little bit more than that in order to get closer to the true RTP.

    It's also worth pointing out that RTP is also theoretical, so even if you do play many spins, you may never reach it. In some cases, you might get lucky though.

    With Ted, the slot has an RTP of 95.805%, which is slightly lower than the industry average.

    To put this in real terms, this means that if you spend £100 over a large number of spins, you can reasonably expect to get £95.81 back.

    Again though, this is all theoretical with RTP also affected by in-game bonus features.

    Ted Slot Volatility

    When you look at any slot, you need to check out the volatility or variance it offers.

    This is because this will tell you how frequently you are likely to get wins and the probable size of these wins.

    For instance, a low volatility game will have very regular wins that can land on most spins. But, those wins will all be rather small.

    This is perfect if you have a small budget as these constant wins can help your bankroll tick over as you continue to play.

    A high volatility slot, on the other hand, will have massive wins for you to claim.

    But, these won't come around very often meaning you will have to carefully manage your bankroll through the long dry periods.

    This means that high volatility games are often best suited to those with bigger budgets. Ted, has a volatility level smack in the middle as it has a medium variance.

    This is the best of both worlds as it means relatively regular wins that will be a mix of small and large prizes.

    Excitingly, you can check out how all of this works by taking on the Ted slot demo version before you jump into playing with real money.

    Ted Slot Verdict

    Just like the film, this slot proved to be hugely popular. In fact, it's so popular that there are a number of spin-off slots based on this theme as well.

    One of the standout features of this slot though is the sheer number of features that it offers.

    Not only does it have a massive range of options, but they have been carefully crafted to fit in with the film as well, which just adds to the appeal.

    With so many options for those extra features, it's just a shame that the top win is so low.

    At just 500x your stake, this is disappointingly low in an otherwise excellent slot.

    Of course, the slot is also filled with crude jokes and sound effects which aren't for everyone either.

    Essentially, if you're not a fan of the film you'll be better off avoiding this too.

    Despite a large number of features, it's actually very easy to get to grips with and because it has a medium volatility level, you can actually expect regular good-sized wins which do make up a bit for the low max win.

    Better yet, you can also opt for the Ted slot free play version first to get to grips with the slot and see how it works for you.

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    Pros and Cons of Ted Slot

    • Huge number of bonuses
    • Medium volatility
    • Fun take on the popular film
    • Low max win of 500x
    • Low RTP
    • The theme is a bit crude
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