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Up to £200 CASHBACK! Additional bonuses.
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    Scruffy Duck Slot Demo, Video Review + Info

    Scruffy Duck Slot Demo Play

    You can easily launch the Scruffy Duck free play mode on your desktop and mobile.

    Make sure you have a stable and strong internet connection.

    Unlike other online slots, this NetEnt game isn’t set in glamorous surroundings.

    The backdrop here is a pond with several aquatic creatures.

    Launch the demo version of the game, and click the plus (+) or minus (-) sign at the button to adjust Bet Level and Coin Value.

    The Bet in Cash and Coins variables change automatically when you slide these indicators.

    You can also read the slot’s paytable on another screen and understand the values of all the symbols, Free Spins, and other game features.

    Adjust your game mode by going to the Spin Settings and sliding the Auto Play function.

    You can launch the Quick Spin mode by pressing the white button.

    Players can also change their game mode from Left hand to Right hand.

    Once you have adjusted the settings, go back to the main screen, and click the Spin button.

    You can mute the background music by pressing the Speaker button here.

    You can play Scruffy Duck slot Demo on iOS or Android, and land a few big wins today.

    So, launch the Scruffy Duck slot demo on your device and test this game out.

    Scruffy Duck Slot Video Review

    Scruffy Duck Slot Info

    The Scruffy Duck slot from NetEnt is a super exciting game with several unique features and symbols.

    These include stacked symbols, Free Spins and Wilds.

    Players will immediately like this game because its Free Spins are packed with five unique features.

    With these features, you can unlock the hidden levels of this game and land big wins.

    Soothing music and bright colours are the highlights of the Scruffy Duck slot game.

    The RTP of this game is 96.38%, which is slightly above the industry standard.

    Since this NetEnt slot has medium volatility, you can win small amounts of money regularly.

    However, please note that all winnings also depend on luck.

    Released in 2017, Scruffy Duck has five reels, three rows, and twenty-five bet lines.

    Playable on desktop and mobile, this bird-themed slot works with several browsers, such as Chrome, Edge, Safari, and others.

    Scruffy Duck Slot Game On Mobile Table and Desktop

    New players will fall in love with this slot for its low bet levels.

    You can wager as low as 0.25 coins per spin. If you are lucky, you might win 400x of your stake per spin.

    The Best Websites to Play Scruffy Duck Slot

    Here are a few pointers to enjoy this slot.

    When you play Scruffy Duck slot online, make sure you are on a licensed website.

    Licensed online casinos are safer, and they pay you on time.

    Go to the About Us section and locate your online casino’s license.

    Don’t forget to claim your welcome bonus either.

    Each bonus is free money that can help you land wins in your game.

    However, read all the bonus terms and conditions before signing up. While signing up, you should also read a few online reviews about the game and your casino.

    This would help you understand the paytable of Scruffy Duck, the game’s payouts and so on.

    Look out for this game’s Wilds and Multipliers.

    Wilds can substitute for missing symbols in a winning combination.

    Multipliers, on the other hand, multiply your base game earnings.

    Finally, try the Scruffy Duck slot free play mode before laying real money bets.

    You can play this video game and other new online slots on the best websites, which we have listed below.

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    4.8 rating
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    4.8 rating
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    Scruffy Duck Slot Graphics, Design and Theme

    This game has bright colours and peppy music.

    The screen is awash in light blue, pink, and green shades.

    Loosely based on the story of Ugly Duckling, the Scruffy Duck slot has excellent graphics and an exciting plot.

    What sets this slot apart from the rest is its brilliant design. Players can easily navigate through the game without stress.

    Scruffy Duck Slot Big Banner

    What’s more, they can quickly locate the desired information.

    For example, while reviewing this game, we could easily find all the symbols and features, such as Wilds, Free Spins, and so on.

    Newbies can easily find all the game rules by clicking the three horizontal lines on the top right.

    The game’s designers have explained in detail how the various symbols work and their respective values.

    Indeed, playing Scruffy Duck is not only simple but also pleasant.

    Since the Scruffy Duck slot, RTP is a healthy 96.38%, you can expect some handsome wins from this game.

    You can also amplify your earnings by betting on more pay lines and raising your stake value. 

    How to Play Scruffy Duck Slot

    1. Launch Scruffy Duck on your device.

    2. Choose your coin value.

    1. Read the game rules.

    2. Click the “Spin” icon and await the result.

    Scruffy Duck Slot Symbols and Payout

    • Duck with mobile phone is the most valuable symbol, and it pays four hundred coins.

    • Duck with green cap can award you 200 coins.

    • Five As are worth seventy coins.

    • Five ducks with red candy are worth 150 coins.

    • Land five Ks and get 60 coins.

    • Five Qs and Js are worth fifty and forty coins, respectively.

    Scruffy Duck Slot Bonuses

    Though this slot has only twenty-five pay-lines, you can improve your chances with this game’s bonuses.

    These bonuses come from the game’s free spins.

    As you can see, this slot has three different Wilds.

    The Random Wild symbol in Scruffy Duck appears in the FS round and substitutes for other symbols, except the Scatter.

    It would be best to watch out for the Expanding Wilds symbol, which can expand and occupy an entire reel.

    The Expanding Wild (swan) can appear in your bonus and free spins round and replace other characters.

    In addition, you should also lookout for the Colossal Wild, represented by a swan with wings spread out.

    If you trigger the Free Spins round, one of the following five features will activate.

    These are Multiplier feature, Symbol removal feature, Colossal and Random Wilds, and Double feature.

    Enhance your earnings with all these features. Players can also take advantage of the scruffy duck RTP, which stands 96.38%.

    Scruffy Duck Slot Random Wild Symbol
    • Random Wilds awards you eight free spins

    • Double feature gives you six free spins

    • Symbol removal gives twelve free spins and lower value symbols are removed from the reels.

    • Players get ten free spins in the Colossal Wilds feature

    Scruffy Duck Slot Free Spins

    Scruffy Duck Slot Free Spins

    You can trigger the Free Spins feature by landing three Free Spins symbols on the reels during the base game.

    Players can identify these symbols with the words FREE SPINS written on them.

    As noted earlier, any one of the five features can be activated in this round.

    These features can give you 15, 12, 10, 8, or 6 free spins.

    The Free Spins feature also activates three kinds of Wilds- Colossal and Random.

    With these interesting, profitable features, you can go in for big wins.

    The Scruffy Duck max win is 400 coins per spin.

    You can win this much, thanks to the game’s wide betting range.

    In fact, professionals can wager as much as 250 GBP per spin.

    You can also increase your earnings with the game’s multipliers.

    These symbols can amplify your earnings up to 3 times in the Free Spins round.

    So, launch this game on your device today and notch up some fantastic wins.

    • Multiple features – you can get 15 Free Spins with a 3x multiplier

    • Symbol removal- here you get 12 Free Spins and all low value symbols are removed from the reels

    • Colossal Wild- in this feature, the Wild splits into 2 to 9 wilds.

    • The Random Wild, represented by two ducks on a green background, awards eight free pins.

    • The fifth feature-Double feature- awards players six free spins.

    Scruffy Duck Slot RTP

    In our Scruffy Duck review, we discover that Scruffy Duck’s RTP is at 96.38%.

    Though this figure isn’t super-attractive for many players, it still matches industry standards.

    In fact, the top 50 best payout slots have RTPs ranging from 96% to 99%.

    If you don’t know what RTP means, well, it’s simple. RTP or Return to Player percentage refers to a game’s possible profitability.

    In simple words, RTP tells you how much a slot can pay you eventually.

    In Scruffy Duck’s case, it is 96.38 GBP over a period.

    This means if you staked GBP 100 on Scruffy Duck 100 times, you might get GBP 96.38% of your total amount.

    However, please note that RTP is only an indicative figure and doesn’t guarantee earnings.

    Thus, you might receive GBP 100 on your first stake itself.

    On your second stake, your return might be zero or 10 GBP.

    But if you continue betting on the same game unlimited times, your overall return will tend to approach the 96.38% RTP.

    Players should note that no responsible casino would ever fudge with its games’ RTPs.

    The reason is all these games are the properties of their developers.

    Secondly, independent auditors, such as eCOGRA, regularly check all these games.

    Therefore, use this game’s features to notch up the Scruffy Duck slot max win of 400 coins per spin.

    Scruffy Duck Slot Volatility

    Scruffy Duck is a Medium Volatility game. Online slots can have low, high, or medium variance.

    Please continue reading this Scruffy Duck slot review to understand volatility.

    A low variance game awards small wins regularly over a period.

    On the other hand, highly volatile slots can make you rich or poor quickly and in a matter of minutes or seconds.

    On a high variance slot, you never know when you will land big wins. Medium variance slots lie between low and highly volatile games.

    Variance is related to Hit Rate or the number of times a slot pays you money.

    A slot with a Hit Rate of 30% and more is considered to have low volatility.

    On the other hand, games with hit rates below 20% have high variance or volatility.

    Please note that Hit Rate has no connection with the amount of money a slot pays to players.

    Now you may ask if high variance games are better than the others.

    The answer is yes and no. If you have a high-risk appetite and can control your emotions, go ahead and play on high variance slots.

    On the other hand, if you are risk-averse, then low variance slots are for you.

    Now that you’ve understood variance use the Scruffy Duck free spins to unlock big wins.

    Scruffy Duck Slot Verdict

    Summing up, the Scruffy Duck slot would surely interest all those who like profitable yet straightforward games.

    This NetEnt game is about a few aquatic birds and animals and a small lake.

    Scruffy Duck reminds us of the Ugly Duckling story of Disney, but there is much more excitement in this slot.

    A 25-payline game, this game is meant for newbies and pros.

    Though this game has an average RTP of 96% plus, its features make it more exciting.

    For example, look out for the scruffy duck slot free spins mode, which can award you one of the five features.

    All these features carry unique benefits for the players. Scruffy Duck has several interesting symbols with varying payouts.

    Not only this, but this NetEnt game has three Wilds.

    With all these interesting symbols and features, you can easily land the maximum payout of 400 coins per spin.

    If all this sounds intimidating to you, you must try out the scruffy duck demo mode to better understand the game.

    Load this charming game on your computer, tablet, or phone today, and try bagging some incredible wins.

    You can play this slot on most devices. Most modern browsers, such as Chrome, Edge, and Safari support this video slot.

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    Scruffy Duck Slot Pros and Cons

    • This game has Wilds and Free Spins
    • Mobile-friendly and easy to play
    • This game is attractive and holds your attention.
    • It has an average RTP
    • Payout isn’t much
    • No Progressive jackpot